2.AUGUST @Mayhem / doors 20.00, cc50dkk.


6th Mayh! MONDAY SHOW 2024: Tereesa Riemann (de), CCsquele (dk), Family underground (dk), + ONE MORe local band! @Mayhem

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Regler (regel #15), No nose, mayhem 1.09.23

poster by Mathias Sæderup


Kiyasu Ryosyke, Jackson Pratt, Shredded Nerve, Human ghettoblaster, CFCB – (poster lied) 3.3.23 at Mayhem With hotline pecan event.


Stray gigs collab event! Parasite Dreams (AU), Frisyr(SE), Loyal to plastic (DK), Decorticate (DK) at Ungdomshuset, 19th august 2022

5th August blågården CPH. Slippery Transgressions / Gaute Granli / Tudeprinsen / Royal Spaceporn

DJ ranietzuZ

Sturmi + hurbus, Placing a milestone on a green field, online mix:

Collab by hurbus and marcin


Mark Morgan (US, SIGHTINGS), Gaute Granli (NO), Hypermobile (PL/AT), Zines by RAKISQUAD, and Prospektüs

2018; Transformer & Hurbus event) at AU Wien: Total Leatherette / Bitte (Lucas Henao Sena & Irene Gellein) / Anne Pedersdotter / Gschirr Zine / Burlin Mud


Golden Oriole, Brutal Blues, Nadeshda, MON, JUN 25, 2018


2017: Hurbus event) Rhiz Wien. Steve Jansen, Gaute Granli, Nsis.
/photo by K.Riis


2016: – Venster 99, Wien – (Hurbus event) Golden Oriole, Horacio Pollard, Indicator2000


HURBUS / klassisk bråk, experimental, underground obscure harsh, soft music, noise. Currently located in Copenhagen / ///

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RELEASEs/links/solo and collaboration:

irene gellein/ vræl/ Terror Aktion/ aatsel/ alexis corpse… Other projects collaborations! CFCB, stellivore,top coat, piss drawer, etc.

DIVERSE hurbus releases…changes by mood

CFCB bandcamp / digital release

CFCB part of compilation by Kvinelig, Sydhavnens Festival 2023 compilation

Top Coat – Uberlack, released on nofigore

Top Coat – Part of compilation at noise against fascism

Kuato release, Glaze. Featuring vræl on one track

Piss drawer, part of compilation 2020, on epileptic media.

Solo vræl, recordings from 19/20, weird tunes + free anti climax attitude